Our Vineyards

The Essence of our terroir

Merwida’s vineyards are planted on silt beds up to four meters deep and nest on a river stone bedrock. The rich and fertile silt deposits of the centuries-old floodplains are conducive to robust-growing and flourishing vines. Merwida’s wines are vinified from selected vineyard blocks and captures the essence of our terroir.

Our terroir is especially suited for producing excellently structured wines complemented by the local climate with characteristically hot summers and cold winters, tempered in summer by the ‘Cape Doctor’ and the impact of the snow-covered mountains in winter.

The ‘Cape Doctor,’ a fresh south-easterly wind, blows through the Breedekloof Valley and plays an essential role in cooling the vineyards in the late afternoon. The cooler temperatures reduce disease pressure in the vineyards.

In winter, the surrounding high mountains are covered in snow. The impact of the snow results in lower spring temperatures and, therefore, harvesting starts later than in other areas. The slow ripening maximizes the grape flavours, creating aromas that have become synonymous with Merwida’s wines.

MERWIDA IS PROUD to be certified by the following organisations:

IPW Certification
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