Our Story

Where it Began

It was in 1840 that Willem Petrus van der Merwe, forefather of current owners Schalk and Pierre, laid down family roots in the fertile soils of the Breede River Valley. Since then, this ancient floodplain has been the home to Merwida Wines.

For over seven generations the Van der Merwes have nurtured the land, wildlife and most importantly, the people, and have gained a reputation for setting the highest standards and embracing new challenges.

Merwida Winery
the Van der Merwes
Merwida's team

Today, Merwida has grown into one of the largest privately owned vineyards in South Africa: over eight hundred hectares planted in fertile soils that sit on a bed of river stone four meters deep.

Twenty-four different grape varieties are cultivated on the farm, which allows for both experimentation and superior block selection to capture the essence of this magical terroir.

Merwida has always strived to produce grapes in a sustainable and responsible manner, making us one of the leading Fairtrade wine producers in southern Africa.

Given their roots in the Breede River Valley, the Van der Merwes are also passionate about conserving their local environment, especially the six hundred hectares of pristine, natural wetlands along the Breede River, known as the Papenkuils Wetland.

Cousins Schalk and Pierre are continuing to develop Merwida in a dynamic yet sustainable manner, laying a foundation of excellence and responsibility for generations to come.

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