7th Generation Family Vintners

7th Generation Family Vintners


Well-known for its snowy winters and sunbathed summers, our valley offers the ideal weather conditions to complement our beautiful surroundings while also contributing to the unique character of our wines.

Our lush vineyards stretch over 800 hectares and are the absolute pride and joy of our winemakers, Magnus Kriel, Lieza van der Merwe and Sarel van Staden.  Their great passion combined with expert knowledge and the practice of modern vinification methods, ensures that every harvest is a celebration of yet another magnificent yield.

Schalk and Pierre enjoy experimenting with new clones and varietals and as a result Merwida shows great diversity in its viticulture, having a selection of 32 different cultivars (62% white and 38% red).  The vineyard blocks are carefully selected for the specific wines to capture the essence of the magical terroir and are nurtured through the winemaking process.

Magnus Kriel, head winemaker since 2000, explains what the vision is for the Merwida wines:

"Our wine styles at Merwida are aimed at all markets.  Clean, fruitful wines with good shelf life.  Our vision is to expand Merwida's brand nationally and internationally in packaged format as well as maintaining a healthy balance with bulk wine supply.  Ethical trade is also a major priority in order to fulfill our social responsibility towards the whole community."

Both white and red wines are characterized by rich fruit and subtle spice flavours.  The reds are deep coloured and complex yet have rounded tannins that enhance the drinkability.  This is what makes our wines so special.

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